(April 7) Open Studio: Klimt & Kandinsky Trees (all ages)

Klimt & Kandinsky Trees.jpg
Klimt & Kandinsky Trees.jpg

(April 7) Open Studio: Klimt & Kandinsky Trees (all ages)

from 10.00

Stop by the studio and create a wonderful painting inspired by the trees of Klimt & Kandinsky. Just in time for the trees to be budding and the leaves to start growing we are making trees in the studio. These beautiful and relaxing trees are just the thing to kick start the Spring season.

Drop-in any time between 1-4pm. Most people stay about an hour but you can pull up a stool and create for as long as you like.

Sunday 4/7. Drop-in studio hours are 1-4pm.

Akron ArtWorks, 1720 Merriman Rd, Suite A, Akron, OH

$10 individual, max $25 family (up to 4 persons)

Buy an OPEN STUDIO CARD ($100) in the studio and get 5 FAMILY visits for the price of 4!

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