NIGHT OUT with an ARTIST (21 and older)


NIGHT OUT with an ARTIST (21 and older)


Create like the masters... learn their techniques, a touch of art history, then leave with your own interpretation of their particular style!

Pre-registration Required $25 per person, includes 1 drink + all materials

Thursday 9/12/19 (7-9pm) Georgia O’Keeffe, From skulls to petals, embrace pastels and try out her style

Saturday 9/28/19 (7-9pm): Pablo Picasso, Learn about the man, the myth, and try out your own cubist work!

Saturday 10/12/19 (7-9pm): Yayoi Kusama, Learn about her unique style and create your own Kusama inspired work

Saturday 11/9/19 (7-9pm): Andy Warhol, Make your very own Warhol-inspired print... soup cans and all!

Thursday 11/21/19 (7-9pm): Vincent Van Gogh, From Starry Night to the Lilies, apply Van Gogh’s techniques to your work

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